"The Puzzle Jigs" 2003 Performance and Solo Schedule

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Show dates are in April 2003. There are two shows (with different casts) on Saturdays (5th and 12th). 5A means the afternoon show on the 5th, while 12E means the evening show on the 12th.

The "Cast X" CD has soloists from the April 5E, 6, 11, 12A performances, while the "Cast Y" CD has soloists from April 4, 5A, 12E, 13.

If a performer has a solo role(s) but is not a soloist at every show in which they perform, then the shows at which they perform their solo(s) are noted in boldface.

NOTE: Some cast members appear in both singing and dancing roles on different nights!!


Elvira's friends:
Michelle Fleming all shows
Michelle Howard 4,11,13
Krissy Cafua 5A,12A,12E
Nina Krane 5E,6

Water Dancers:
Katy Anderka 5A,6,11,12A,13
Krissy Cafua 5A,5E,6,11,12A,13
Megan Carreiro all shows
Marina Chiesa 5E,12E
Lauren Fleming all shows
Michelle Fleming 5A,11,12E,13
Christina Fontanez all shows
Haley Grove 4,12E
Rachel Marolda 4,5E,12E,13
Lauren O'Connor 4,5A,6,12A
May Petrov all shows
Carina Veliz 4,5E,6,11,12A

Charlotte Ames Tree 4,5A,12E,13 Cardboard Cutouts
Harry Ames Tree 4,5A,12E,13
Brittany Banks People 5E,6,11,12A Act I Finale
Alexandra Barry Doggie 5E,6,11,12A Bobbie Barker
Lonnie Bass People 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Elvira
Reina Bass Doggie 4,5A,12E,13
Miriam Beit-Aharon Earth 5E,6,12E,13 Cardboard Cutouts
Lorraine Bishop Sky 4,5A,12E,13 What Is This
Liam Bodwell Earth 5E,6,11,12A
Sam Bozeman People 5E,6,11,12A Secretary of Jigland Security
Amelia Brady-Cole Doggie 5E,6,11,12A Cardboard Cutouts
Zachary Brandon People 4,5A,12E,13 Undersecretary of Jigland Security
Laura Brewer Doggie 4,5A,12E,13
Elisabeth Brown Sky 4,5A,12E,13
Esther Brown Earth 4,5A,11,12A,12E,13 Cardboard Cutouts
Joanne Brown Sky 4,5A,12E,13
Phil Budne Tree 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Undersecretary of Jigland Security
Craig Burket Earth 4,5A,12E,13
Julia Burket Earth 4,5A,12E,13
Nathaniel Burket Earth 4,5A,12E,13
Isabela Camacho-Horvitz Earth 5E,6,11
Miguel Camacho-Horvitz Earth 5E,6,11
Isabel Carey Sky 5A,11,12E,13 Sky Solo
Cynthia Cepeda Doggie 4,5A,12E,13 Cardboard Cutouts
Benjamin Chomitz Earth 5E,6,11,12A Act I Finale
Nancy Chomitz Doggie 5E,6,11,12A
Byron Cohen People 5E,6,11,12A It's All Her Fault
Simon Cohen People 5E,6,11,12A It's All Her Fault
Rachel Cooper Sky 4,5A,12E,13 It's All Her Fault
Margaret Crane Doggie 5E,6,11,12A
Dana Czerwinski Doggie 5A,6,11,12E
Emma Czerwinski Doggie 5A,6,11,12E Bobbie Barker
Diana Dill Tree 4,5E,6,11,12E,13
Evie Dill Water 4,5E,6,11,12E,13 Samphyre
Kati Farkas Water 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A Cardboard Cutouts
Marianne Farkas Water 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A
Eli Gershenfeld Doggie 4,5A,12E,13
Grace Gershenfeld Doggie 4,5A,12E,13
Cat Gonçalves-Redman Water 4,5A,11,13 Water Duet
Mónica Gonçalves-Redman Water 4,5A,11,13 Water Duet
Mark Gottlieb Doggie 5E,6,11,12A Undersecretary of Jigland Security
Sophia Gottlieb Doggie 5E,6,11,12A Act I Finale
Margaret Graff Doggie 4,5A,12E,13
Tom Hamill Tree 5E,6,11,12A
Yona Hamill Tree 5E,6,11,12A
Adina Hemley-Bronstein Sky 4,5A,12E,13 Act I Finale, Cardboard Cutouts
Anna Lee Hirschi Sky 4,5E,6,12A Sky Solo
Susan Holcomb Earth 4,5A,12E,13
Marcela Horvitz-Lennon Earth 5E,6,11
Michelle Howard Water 5E,6,12A,12E Water Duet
Adrianna Hughes Sky 5E,6,11,12A Cardboard Cutouts
Hill Hughes Sky 5E,6,11,12A What Is This
Rosie Israel Earth 5E,6,11,12A
Vidia Israel Sky 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 The Sun
Ines Ivanovic Tree 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Samphyre
Ludmilla Ivanovic Tree 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Tree Solo
Sonya Ivanovic Tree 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Cardboard Cutouts
Tamara Ivanovic Tree 4,5A,5E,6,11,12E,13 Piece Activist Aide
Amanda Jack Water 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 What Is This
Kelsey Jack Water 4,5A,11,12E,13 Cardboard Cutouts
Kyia Jones Earth 5E,6,11,12A
Maria Kaestner Doggie 5E,6,11,12A
Janie Katz-Christy Water 4,5A,12E,13
Molly Katz-Christy Water 4,5A,12E,13 Act I Finale
Kieran Kinnare Earth 4,5A,12A,12E,13
Amy Krane People 4,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13
Nina Krane People 4,5A,11,12A,12E,13 Piece Activist Aide, Act I Finale
Kathy Lindsay Water 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Mother
Robyn Lindsay People 4,5A,12E,13
Rosemary Lindsay People 4,5A,12E,13
Barbara McIsaac People 4,5A,12E,13
Cassandra McIsaac People 4,5A,12E,13 Cardboard Cutouts
Michelle Mentis-Cohen People 5E,6,11,12A
Jeffrey Moore People 4,5A,12E,13 Secretary of Jigland Security
Cheryl Moreau Earth 5E,6,11,12A
Tommy Moriarty Tree 4,5A,12E,13 Tree Solo
Jenny Mosely Earth 4,5A,12E,13
Bronwyn Murray-Bozeman People 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Elvira
Caleb Murray-Bozeman People 5E,6,11,12A Cardboard Cutouts
Anisha Earth 5E,6,11,12A
Mike Nakagawa Earth 5E,6,11,12A
Sarah Palmer Doggie 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Act I Finale
Taylor Palmer Sky 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Piece Activist Aide
Linda Pursley Doggie 4,5E,12A,13
Nathan Pursley Doggie 4,5E,12A,13 Bob Barker
Frieda Rapp Earth 4,5A,12E,13
Jamie Redgrave Sky 4,5A,12E,13 Piece Activist
Nora Redgrave Doggie 4,5A,12E,13
Chris Reif Earth 4,5A,12A,12E,13 What Is This
Sue Rice Water 4,5A,12E,13
Simone Rivard Water 5E,6,11,12A
Mia Rybeck Tree 5E,6,11,12A Act I Finale
Ted Rybeck Tree 5E,6,11,12A
David Sandberg Water 5E,6,12A,12E
Ilana Sandberg Water 5E,6,12A,12E Water Duet
Lilly Sandberg Water 5E,6,12A,12E
Holly Sargent Sky 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Piece Activist
Kate Van Eck 4,5A,12E,13 The Sun
Laura van Melle Sky 5E,6,11,12A Undersecretary of Jigland Security
Chana-Sophie Vester Water 5E,6,12E,13
Devorah Vester Water 5E,6,12E,13 Mother
Martha Wechsler Earth 4,5A,12E,13 Act I Finale
Dan Weinreb People 4,5A,12E,13
Ian Woodhouse Water 4,5A,12E,13
Louisa Woodhouse Doggie 4,5A,12E,13
Cindy Woolworth Tree 4,5A,5E,6,11,12A,12E,13 Act I Finale
Leeza Yourman Water 5E,6,11,12A Act I Finale